Quick Weight Loss Tips

1.Control your meal portions

If you have a habit to eat big meal portions from big plates, then you should consider downsizing your food plates. Logic behind this tip is pretty simple: the less food will be in front of you the less you will eat. The opposite is also true. So instead of using your regular food plates try to replace them with smaller ones.

2.Drink water before eating

Studies show that people who drink 2 cups of water before mealtime tend to lose more weight than those who do not drink water before eating. Drinking water can also lower hunger. This is because sometimes when we do feel hungry, indeed our body needs water.

3.Eat most of your food at home

You are more likely to control your eating habits when you are at home compared to having a meal in the restaurant. You never know for sure size of the portion in the restaurant, it can be much bigger than you can eat, plus you will be more likely to eat big meal portion simply because you have already paid for it. Eating food at home doesn’t mean that you should buy food in restaurant and then eat it at home. Instead you should cook your food at home from healthy products like vegetables, grains.

4.Don’t go to the grocery shop when hungry

This tip will not only help you with weight loss, but also with money saving. Entering grocery store while being hungry can become a disaster for your diet plan. You will be more prone to buy food that you don’t need, but also to buy candies and unhealthy food.

5.Have your meal slowly

Implementing a habit of eating slowly will not only benefit your stomach health, but will also reduce your hunger. It is especially important to remember and follow this advice when you are hungry. You will notice that while eating fast you will eat a lot more food than when you are eating slowly.

6.Have at minimum one active hobby

Active hobby can bring a significant value and joy into your life as well as help you to lose weight. Doing activities regularly is great for you health in general and also for weight loss. However you should choose only hobbies that you enjoy. There is no point to opt for running as a hobby if you hate it, instead you should choose something different, for example, swimming, cycling etc.

7.Start weight loss diary

Starting weight loss diary will help you to find out more about your eating habits. In weight loss diary you will track all the foods you consume during the day and also all the activities you do during the day. Once a week you can also write down how much weight you have lost.

8.Handle with stress

One of the main reasons why people fail to lose their weight is stress. While being in stress it is very easy to go back to your bad eating habits, stop all the physical activities. However if you are serious about losing your weight you should not fall into this trap. Instead try to combat stress. There are various things that can help you to overcome stress and bad mood, for example, taking a vacation and going to the nature, meditation, yoga, making acquaintances with new people.

9.Stop all distractions during mealtime

Having a meal while watching TV can cause you to eat more food than you actually need. The same applies to other distractions during the mealtime such as browsing internet, reading books or newspapers, talking by phone etc. So conclusion from this tips will be that if you do eat then you shouldn’t do anything besides eating.

10.Always have healthy food in your kitchen

Because it is very important to eat healthy food in order to lose weight you should always store healthy food like different vegetables, fruits, grains in your kitchen. So basically you must have all necessary ingredients in order to cook healthy food whenever you feel hunger.

11.Take action now

Don’t spend too much time looking for ideal diet or weight loss program. While there are thousands of weight loss programs available you don’t need all of them in order to lose weight. You just need to select and follow one of these programs and if for some reason it doesn’t work for you then you can change it. The same applies into reading and learning too much information about weight loss programs, different tips on how to lose weight, various diet plans etc., but actually never taking first step towards implementing those tips and advices in your life. You should start implementing weight loss tips you read, follow weight loss program or diet plan in order to see the results.

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How to Lose Belly Fat

You may want to start with more detailed information on How to Lose Belly Fat or you can read this article.

One of the most common weight loss problems people have is belly fat. We made a research on that topic and discovered several factors which affect your belly fat and what you should do to reduce that.

1. Don’t eat junk food

Junk food is one of the biggest factors which causes belly fat. By junk food we mean fast food, chips, frites etc. So you should exclude such food from your food ration.

Why junk food can increase belly fat? Because junk food contains sugar and refined carbohydrates. These components do raise blood sugar level, which leads to increase of fat.

2. Eat foods that do help to reduce tummy fat

There are several foods you should eat in order to get flat stomach:

– All kind of berries

Berries are especially healthy, because they contain different vitamins, minerals and fiber.

– All kind of nuts

Many of you may think that nuts is a food which contains a lot of fat, but nuts also contain fiber and protein, which will control blood sugar level and therefore will help you to lose weight.

– Eggs

Eggs contain vitamins A, D, E which are required in order to balance your fat. While there could be different kind of eggs chicken eggs are considered to be the healthiest.

3. Pay attention to alcohol

If you drink alcohol you must know that it can often lead to wrong decisions concerning food. For example, you may start eating junk food while drinking only to regret about it on the next day. So if you drink you still need to control your eating habits and if you can’t do this then you shouldn’t drink.

Also you should avoid drinking beer, because beer increases belly fat.

4. Sleep well

Sleeping well has a direct connection with weight loss. In order to lose weight you need to sleep at least 6 hours. This is because when you sleep not enough your blood sugar level increases and impedes your weight loss goals.

5. Do not eat late at night
It is important to stop a habit of eating lately at night, because the difficulty is that you won’t do much of physical activity afterwards and therefore your blood sugar level will raise and will transform into fat afterwards.

However there is a group of food which you can still eat lately at night. Those are vegetables which have low sugar level. These are vegetables which contain a lot of water ( cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, salad greens, cabbage, broccoli).

But pay attention that not all vegetables have low sugar consistency, You must avoid root vegetables such as potatoes, corn, green peas etc.

6. Do cardio workout

Doing cardio workouts will also help you to reduce belly fat and get flat stomach. In order to get good results you should do it on a regular basis.

7. Do planking exercises

The main benefit of planking exercises is that you don’t need to go to gym to do them you can easily do those at home. Planking exercises strenghten your core muscles. These exercises are considered to be one of the best for getting flat tummy and nice abs.

Start Losing Belly Fat Right Away